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Your support of Homiens is an investment in consequential, and compelling new work, and an expression of your belief in empowering artists who demonstrate great promise. We invite you to champion our commitment to egalitarian, accessible, and democratic support for artists through the development of a globally engaged online art gallery and community for artists. Your gift strengthens our ability to recognize, and provide equitable access for all to the work of today’s artistic thought leaders.

Homiens is proud to provide unrestricted cash grants to artists who demonstrate great promise. With your help, we can continue to support artists financially, and further develop our platform to raise their public profile. When you give to Homiens, you give to talented artists who benefit directly from your generosity, and from the dignity an unrestricted financial grant provides. You also help to sustain our organization by contributing to our publication costs, software costs, and ability to commission groundbreaking work.

Homiens will always take a lower commission than other noteworthy galleries, and represent artists who live anywhere in the world. We celebrate the opportunity to afford our artists a global audience, and to bring newly discovered, prodigious work to the attention of collectors. You can read more about Homiens on our About page.

If you are considering gifting to Homiens, please let us know how we can work with you to ensure that your support is directed meaningfully. For larger gifts, or to leave a bequest in your will, you can contact us by email at We value, and sincerely appreciate you thinking of making a financial contribution to our running costs, and to the artists we support.