Homiens Voices

I am truly surprised and honored to have my name longlisted for this year’s Homiens Art Prize. This recognition fills me with confidence as I continue to pursue my career as an independent professional artist. I am sincerely grateful to Homiens for their meaningful support.

KP Pradeepkumar (Longlist)

I am very thankful for the recognition of my work. Having been chosen for the long list and the appreciation of my work means a lot to me and encourages me to continue on my path. Thank you for this!

Sybille Hayek (Longlist)

I am grateful for the recognition Homiens has given me and for their support.  The support given helps me to continue forward in the progression of my career.

John Sproul (Longlist)

I am very grateful that my work got shortlisted out of thousands. This international recognition means a lot to me, it encourages me to keep creating, and confirms that I am on the right path with my work. 

Mátyás Zsolt Sárosi (Shortlist)

This is a most promising and timely acknowledgement of my art practice. It gives me a light of joy and a beacon of hope to fathom what can be achieved with both my professional and personal ambitions. Homiens presents outstanding opportunities for artists all over the world to find recognition and community. Thank you Homiens.

Jeff Hansen (Longlist)

I am deeply honored to have my work recognized in the longlist for the Homiens Art Prize. This timely acknowledgment holds enormous personal and professional value for me, inspiring me to strive for excellence in my craft. Homiens provides amazing opportunities for artists worldwide to gain recognition and connect within a supportive community. Thank you for this honor and I commend the Homiens team for their outstanding efforts.

Nadyia Duff (Longlist)

It’s great recognition and an opportunity to introduce my work to fans of figurative painting. Thanks to this award, silent painting will take off.

Manuel Dampeyroux (Winner)

I’m honored to have my work selected by Homiens jury.  This is a wonderful platform for emerging artists to raise awareness and professional visibility by reaching such a large and diverse international audience.  I am thankful to become a part of such a supportive community. Thank you!

R. Dale Simmons (Longlist)

Being longlisted for the Homiens Art Prize is further proof that my work is worthy of acclaim and deserves to be seen by the world. This recognition will continue to provide me impetus to hone my craft and continue making art that I love.

Aaron Santos Boyd-Rochman (Longlist)

As a young emerging visual artist, I am grateful to Homiens for this significant encouragement. This recognition motivates me to persevere and continue creating and exploring in the future. Homiens has built such a supportive and diverse artistic community across borders, and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you, for this wonderful opportunity. 

Wenhui Jiang (Winner)

The Homiens Art Prize has provided not just financial aid but also crucial exposure that opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Thank you, Homiens for your commitment to artists and their journey.

Kevin Driscoll (Winner)

Being Longlisted for the Homiens Art Prize has afforded me the first institutional recognition of my artwork, a motivating accolade that I previously thought was out of my reach as a self-taught painter.

Emma Lunica (Longlist)