A Guide to Selecting Art for Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Selecting artwork for hotels and resorts is both an art and a science. The chosen pieces don’t merely decorate; they tell a story, elevate guest experiences, and reinforce brand identity. This guide takes you through the key considerations and strategies to employ when curating art for such a distinct environment.

1. Define the Narrative

Every hotel and resort has a story to tell, whether it’s deeply rooted in local history, inspired by a unique theme, or shaped by architectural style. Understand this narrative, and let it guide your artwork selection.

2. Consider the Guests

Think of who frequents your establishment. Business travelers? Families? Couples on a getaway? The artwork should resonate with them, offering a sense of solace, motivation, or romance depending on the demographic.

3. Local Art Speaks Volumes

Incorporating local art can give guests a sense of place. This can be a way of immersing them in the culture and essence of the location, creating authentic experiences that are cherished and remembered.

4. Scale Matters

Large lobbies may require grand installations or oversized paintings, while smaller boutique hotels might benefit from more intimate pieces. Ensure the size and scale of the artwork complement rather than overwhelm the space.

5. Rotation Keeps It Fresh

Consider rotating artworks seasonally or annually. This can offer returning guests a sense of newness and demonstrate a commitment to keeping the environment dynamic and fresh.

6. Interactive and Dynamic Art

Modern art isn’t just about static paintings. Sculptures, digital installations, and interactive pieces can create memorable touchpoints and shared experiences for guests.

7. Durability in High Traffic Areas

Art situated in lobbies, hallways, or near entrances should be durable and able to withstand high traffic. This ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs.

8. Lighting Can Make or Break

Artwork should be appropriately lit. This can mean the difference between a piece that sings and one that’s easily overlooked. Consider adjustable lighting to highlight different aspects of the artwork throughout the day.

9. Art in Guest Rooms

While common areas are important, guest rooms are where visitors spend a significant amount of time. Art in these spaces should be calming and neutral, enhancing relaxation and rest.

10. Collaborate with Artists

Consider working directly with artists to commission pieces. This can result in unique artworks that perfectly align with the hotel’s ethos and aesthetic.

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Curating art for hotels and resorts is a thoughtful process that requires a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and narrative storytelling. By following this guide and considering each aspect carefully, you can create an environment that not only impresses but also etches lasting memories in the minds of guests.