Where Can I Buy Art? Exploring 30 Premier Art Galleries

Finding that perfect piece of art can feel like a grand adventure. There are so many magnificent galleries, each housing treasures waiting to be discovered by a discerning eye like yours. Here’s a curated list of 30 prestigious galleries where you can find exceptional art.

1. Homiens, Worldwide:

Starting our journey online, Homiens stands as a beacon for art lovers. Our digital platform is replete with a curated selection of stunning artworks. Our commitment to quality and to a diverse range of pieces ensures something for everyone. Remember, the world of art is vast, and sometimes the right piece is just a click away.

2. Gagosian, Worldwide:

With locations from Hong Kong to New York, the Gagosian is synonymous with high-end, contemporary art. They represent some of the world’s most renowned artists, making it a go-to for collectors seeking top-tier works.

3. White Cube, London:

Nestled in the heart of London, White Cube is renowned for its commitment to contemporary art. It has been instrumental in promoting the YBAs (Young British Artists) and continues to champion innovative artists.

4. David Zwirner, Multiple Locations:

Another powerhouse in the contemporary art scene, David Zwirner has spaces in London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong, showcasing works by prominent contemporary artists.

5. Perrotin, Worldwide:

With its roots in Paris and branches across the globe, Perrotin has been instrumental in introducing artists like Takashi Murakami and Maurizio Cattelan to the world.

6. Acquavella Galleries, New York:

Located in a townhouse on New York’s Upper East Side, this gallery is known for its expertise in Impressionist and Modern art.

7. Marian Goodman Gallery, Multiple Locations:

A pivotal figure in the art world, Marian Goodman’s galleries in New York, Paris, and London champion artists across various mediums.

8. Larry Gagosian, Beverly Hills:

A titan in the art world of Gagosian fame, Larry Gagosian’s gallery in Beverly Hills is a testament to his impeccable taste, displaying masterpieces from modern and contemporary eras.

9. Gladstone Gallery, New York & Brussels:

Offering a rich tapestry of contemporary artworks, Gladstone Gallery is at the forefront of the international art scene.

10. Art Basel, Worldwide:

Though known as an art fair, Art Basel’s editions in Miami, Basel, and Hong Kong are pivotal marketplaces for premier artworks, presenting pieces from leading galleries globally.

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11. Pace Gallery, Worldwide:

With a presence in cities from Palo Alto to Seoul, Pace Gallery is celebrated for its modern and contemporary art collections.

12. Sprüth Magers, Berlin, London & Los Angeles:

This gallery’s trio of spaces boasts influential names in modern and contemporary art, from George Condo to Cindy Sherman.

13. Hauser & Wirth, Worldwide:

This global network of galleries is a force to reckon with, representing over 80 artists and estates.

14. Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul & London:

Dedicated to representing international contemporary artists of all ages, Lehmann Maupin is a vital nexus for art lovers.

15. Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, New York & Tokyo:

A true advocate for international art dialogue, Blum & Poe has been pivotal in introducing post-war Japanese art to the U.S.

16. Sean Kelly Gallery, New York & Taipei:

Representing influential artists like Marina Abramović, Sean Kelly Gallery is a hub of conceptual and contemporary art.

17. Victoria Miro, London & Venice:

Located in a renovated former furniture factory in London, this gallery has championed the works of Chris Ofili and Grayson Perry, among others.

18. Metro Pictures, New York:

Founded in 1980, Metro Pictures has introduced several influential artists to the art world, such as Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo.

19. 303 Gallery, New York:

A haven for contemporary art enthusiasts, 303 Gallery is committed to introducing groundbreaking art forms and artists.

20. Mazzoleni, Turin & London:

With a rich history dating back to the 1980s, Mazzoleni has showcased the likes of Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri.

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21. Kukje Gallery, Seoul:

A prime South Korean gallery, Kukje showcases both Korean and international artists, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange.

22. Maureen Paley, London:

A champion of the YBA movement, Maureen Paley continues to represent pioneering artists in its East London space.

23. Neugerriemschneider, Berlin:

Situated in Berlin’s art district, this gallery is known for representing artists like Ai Weiwei.

24. Esther Schipper, Berlin:

With a focus on conceptual art, Esther Schipper represents a diverse roster of innovative artists.

25. Jocelyn Wolff, Paris:

A minimalist space in Paris, Gallery Jocelyn Wolff is renowned for its commitment to emerging contemporary artists.

26. The Box, Los Angeles:

Founded by Mara McCarthy, The Box LA presents both historic works and new, groundbreaking exhibitions.

27. Kamel Mennour, Paris & London:

Promoting contemporary art, Kamel Mennour represents 40 artists, hosting exhibitions in its multiple spaces.

28. Rosenfeld Porcini, London:

This London gallery focuses on sculptural works and has a strong inclination towards narrative art.

29. Tilton Gallery, New York:

With a rich history of representing avant-garde artists since the 1980s, Tilton Gallery is a staple in the New York art scene.

30. Sadie Coles HQ, London:

Nestled in London, Sadie Coles HQ is known for its dynamic contemporary art exhibitions, representing artists like Urs Fischer.

Here with Homiens, you’re always a few clicks away from owning a stunning masterpiece. May every piece you discover be a reflection of your passion and aesthetic.