The Homiens Art Prize Winners announced

Friday, 22 March, 2024

BURCU PERÇIN Solidarity, 2022

The Homiens Art Prize Exhibition IS NOW OPEN

We are honored to announce the Winners of the Homiens Art Prize for January and February, 2024

We would like to warmly thank all of the talented artists who entered, and are pleased to share that our Jurors noted the promise, and expertise, of a considerable number of entrants. Our Jurors encourage all entrants to continue developing a fulfilling artistic practice, and look forward to finding ways to support your future success.

The quality of submissions received this round has overwhelmingly served to reinforce our commitment to delivering an extensive Longlist, Shortlist, and triumph of Winning artists, who we are delighted to publish below.

Our Longlisted artists are, in alphabetical order:

We warmly congratulate our superb Longlisted artists, who each captured the attention of our Jurors through affecting, and rigorous artwork. We are excited by the promise of these artists, and wholeheartedly celebrate the artistic practice of each.

Aaron Santos Boyd-Rochman
Allen Morris
Anya Kouznetsov
Austin Cullen
D La Her
Daria Bobrova
David Spencer
Dmitry Ersler
Dominic Negus
Edina Seleskovic
Emma Lunica
Fiona Kemp
Gisèle Giraud
Harry Garner
Heiyi Tam
Hwanyi Kim
Irene Pantelis
Isabella Ronchetti
Jeffrey Hansen
John Sproul

Jonny Kemp
Joy Saha
K.P. Pradeepkumar
Katarina Bishop
Kerry R. Thompson
Louise Pappageorge
Mark Nesmith
Matyáš Páleníček
Nadyia Duff
Natalie Obermaier
Nathanael Cox
Phillip Robinson
R. Dale Simmons
Shaun Namarnyilk
Sihua Liu
Skye Seipp
Sybille Hayek
Tess Oldfield
Tyler Gathro
Vittoria Cugno
Yihui (Effy) Wang

Our Shortlisted artists are, in alphabetical order:

We are thrilled to announce our Shortlisted artists, who each demonstrate a strong technical ability, an understanding of the power of subtlety, and often, a rewarding narrative sensibility. Each Shortlisted artwork evidences commitment over time to the refinement of a highly original artistic practice. Our Jurors would like to congratulate, and commend the following Shortlisted artists for cultivating such expressive and moving work.

Adrienne Hein, for February
Arthur Dantes Porto Lara
, for the Ubik Series
Kasia Przado
, for Everything Breathes Together
Lucas Stolz
, for Wabi Sabi
Mátyás Zsolt Sárosi
, for Our feet took root
Michael Pemberton
, for Tools By The Pool (after Hockney)
Raoul Orzabal
, for The Rockies
, for On the road again!

Our Winning artists are, in alphabetical order:

We were truly brought to our knees by the power of each Winning artwork, and enthusiastically congratulate our Winning artists on cultivating such considered, and self-aware work. Our Jurors were truly captivated by these deserving artists, who each exhibit an an exciting commitment to powerful ideas, and lived experience.

Alexander Warncke, for Trees and Rocks, the Shapeshifter
Burcu Perçin, for Solidarity
Giordano Biondi, for Dead Ghosts (#14)
Kayley Jane Dykman, for Kia’i Mana
Kerry Collison, for The Devil’s on the Streets of Swansea
Kevin Driscoll, for A monument to contemporary architecture
Lorella Paleni, for Dwellers 4
Manuel Dampeyroux, for The Book of Youssra
Nelson, for In my mother’s dimple
Wenhui Jiang, for Act Heterosex

The work of each Winning artist evidences an admirable exactitude, the fortitude required to experiment and engage meaningfully with failure, a fascination with working to apprehend spontaneity, and an ability to use materials meaningfully to articulate both difficult concerns, and the times which unify us. In the spirit of celebration, we are remarkably proud to bring together such luminous work.

KERRY COLLISON The Devil’s on the Streets of Swansea, 2023

As artists, we often create to share meaning, and something of our own experience with others.

Many artists seek, through their practice and the art they develop, to voice truths about the nature of reality, and of life. For these reasons, each work of art we create has the potential to become both deeply personal, and and a talisman representative of our own unfolding.

To commit to the precarity of pursuing an artistic calling requires an enormous amount of resilience and courage.

At any moment, all artists are prone to doubting themselves, their relevance, or the amount of time they have already spent trying to better themselves as an artist.

The Homiens Art Prize exists particularly to recognize artists for this reason; to motivate and financially support them, and to confirm the strength of their vision, and ability.

We are so pleased to be able to work positively in the lives of artists through the Homiens Art Prize, and to provide the external recognition many artists need to invest confidently in themselves, and to make (or renew) a firm commitment to their own artistic practice.

We are elated to hear that the Homiens Art Prize has such a positive impact on the lives of our Longlisted, Shortlisted, and Winning artists:

“The Homiens Art Prize has provided not just financial aid but also crucial exposure that opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Thank you, Homiens for your commitment to artists and their journey.”

Kevin Driscoll

“As a young emerging visual artist, I am grateful to Homiens for this significant encouragement. This recognition motivates me to persevere and continue creating and exploring in the future. Homiens has built such a supportive and diverse artistic community across borders, and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you, for this wonderful opportunity.”

Wenhui Jiang

“Every award and sign of success in an artist’s career is a lit match aiding to start a fire. Thanks to the Homiens Art Prize I feel my feet burning and my mind filled with excitement. Currently, I am working on a collection of oil paintings called “Spiritual Lives Imagined” as my next step of publication, and with it, my flame continues to grow.”

Alexander Warncke

“It is a great recognition and an opportunity to introduce my work to fans of figurative painting. Thanks to this award, silent painting will take off.”

Manuel Dampeyroux

Our Jurors are overjoyed by this opportunity to share such outstanding work from across the globe with the Homiens community, and would like to take this moment to wish each of our current Longlisted, Shortlisted, and Winning artists every future success.

The Homiens Art Prize Exhibition IS NOW OPEN

If you elected to access our Jurors’ feedback on the February round of the Prize, you can expect to receive detailed notes from our Jurors by email shortly. We look forward to contacting you soon.


If you missed out on the February round of the Homiens Art Prize, or have been hard at work, we are thrilled to share that we are now accepting entries to the April round of the Homiens Art Prize. Read more and enter below for the chance to become one of our exceptional Winning, Shortlisted, or Longlisted artists.

the Homiens Art Prize is now open

Entries Close 30 April, 2024

KEVIN DRISCOLL A monument to contemporary architecture, 2024